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Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Professional computer repairs & IT support by expert Australian computer technicians.
Australia wide IT support, based in Ferntree Gully, South East Melbourne.

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Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Last updated: 07/05/2022

Tech Heads deals with peoples personal files & information on a daily basis, this may include but is not limited to their documents, music, emails, photos, videos and other information that is found in a computer or device.

This level of access to your information is important to be able to resolve the issues your experiencing with your devices, we will directly access your information at a level that’s relevant to the task that you need completed.

The safety & security of your privacy and information are of the upmost importance to us. Below is a summary of the rules that govern our technicians in accessing your information.

In booking your device or booking services with Tech Heads IT Services you are granting us unrestricted unlimited access to any information that exists within your device(s) or network.

This agreement is governed by the following guidelines:

  • Tech Heads technicians will not under any circumstances discuss, share, copy, keep or distribute data recovered from a client’s device(s), account(s) or network(s) for any task that is not directly related to the professional service we are providing.
  • The only exception to the above rule is at the request of an Australian Police or legal enforcement agency, at this time we reserve the right to disclose information as we deem appropriate, exclusively at our discretion.
  • Tech Heads will never sell or distribute your personal or business information to any 3rd party entity.
  • We reserve the right to remove or change any passwords on your device(s) or account(s). When passwords are changed we will provide you with a copy of any new passwords.
  • Tech Heads may maintain a copy of your data in our secure data storage for backup purposes (for your benefit, in case something goes wrong) and will be destroyed at an undetermined point in the future or at your request.
  • Tech Heads under no circumstances accepts responisiblity for any data loss that occurs while providing our range of IT services. It is the customers sole exclusive responsibility to have backed up their own data prior to booking in with us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your information or privacy within our service, please contact us to discuss the matter.

We aim to treat every client with the upmost respect, giving complete confidentiality in regard to the handling of your personal information. You can have certainty in that your private information is handled appropriately & professionally.

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Just wanted to say a big thank you for your prompt and excellent service with rectifying the issues we were experiencing with our home laptop.

You picked up the lap top one day and returned it the next. Not being all that computer savvy we must admit we thought we would have been told we had to buy a new laptop or at best need to pay for a new hard drive but after checking it out, you surprised us by saying that it still had plenty of life in it and that the hard drive was working fine.

You managed to sort out all our files, cleaning out corrupt files and reloaded all our operating programs, including all our beloved photos and made it all work a lot faster. Your honesty, reliability and helpfulness was rewarding to say the least.

The fact that you ensured everything was working as before, ie printers, our emails, skype, etc, was a service we wouldn't have had with dropping it off at a store. Thanks again!

Margret. D20/02/2014

On an extremely positive note though, I cannot recommend or thank Anthony Parker from Tech Heads enough, for firstly helping me to diagnose and deal with the imminent and tragic death of my laptop and secondly, for his commitment to making sure he found and delivered the most suitable and best quality replacement for my needs - within my tight budget.

The custom-built laptop he put together for me is the best (it's so fast and sexy!!) I have ever owned and I can't ever see myself buying one straight off the shelf again.

I got so much more bang for my buck, as well as his amazing, personalised service, which I know will continue should I have any issues now that I have this baby home.

Thanks Anthony! You my friend are a top bloke.

Melissa. P26/11/2014

Anthony provides a professional, efficient service and is someone you can trust with all of your tech needs. I nearly lost 6 months worth of data on my phone because I didnt back it up and all apple could do was reset my iphone.

He was able to recover all the data from my phone restoring it to before my phone had it’s hissy fit. He can definitely work magic for all your IT needs! 100% recommend him!

Nicole. B23/05/2022

Mt computer died on New Year's eve and to my absolute horror, the external drive containing my backup stopped working.

Thanks to my fabulous nephew Anthony Parker and his company Tech Heads, all is now good! all is now good.

The lesson? Do regular backups and get expert help. Thanks Anthony!

Pam. M13/01/2014

I couldn't recommend Anthony highly enough. He is patient, thorough, trustworthy and no requests are ever too hard.

He has assisted me multiplies now and I will not go anywhere else for anything IT related. Everything is explained clearly and he always puts me at ease when dealing with him.

Jess. K11/05/2022

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